Clandestine Chemistry Rememdiation

Supplementary Assessment

This supplementary assessment consists of 30 multiple choice answers and 25 short answer questions. The multiple choice questions are all worth one point each, while the short answer questions are worth a total of 112 points. Your final mark will be from the combined total of both sections which together total 142 points.

You must achieve a mark of 80% (a total of 114 points) in order to successfully pass this supplementary assessment and achieve ATS Remediation Technician status.

This supplementary assessment does not require monitoring.

You will have 7 days from the date you receive your login password to submit your assessment answers.  The assessment will require completion in one sitting as you are unable to save your answers to come back to them. 


We encourage you to research and contact professionals currently working in the field who may be able to assist you in answering, however we do expect the answers to be your own and in your own words. 


Please take your time to ensure you are satisfied with your answers before submitting them as your submission is final and TESA Directive staff will not be able to change any of your responses should you not be happy with them.


Please note, should you be unsuccessful in passing this supplementary assessment you will be required to resit the course at your cost.


Good luck!


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