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About IICRC Certification

How do you gain IICRC Certification?


To gain a IICRC Certification you need to attend IICRC Training Course and complete the IICRC

Exam which takes place at the end of each course. You must get a score of more than 75% in the exam to qualify for the IICRC Certification.

What happens if you fail the IICRC Exam?

There are many customers who are not used to studying and take a bit of time to get the hang of learning as an adult. 

If you fail the exam, you have two more opportunities to sit the exam. IICRC is very strict on privacy, no one else finds out that you failed the exam, not even our team at TESA Directive.

If you receive your results and find out that you have failed, we recommend that you contact our team to organise an exam resit. 

How do you keep your IICRC Certification current?

Think of your IICRC Certification like a drivers licence - these need to be renewed.

To keep your IICRC Certifications current there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Demonstrate that you are continuing to gain and update your knowledge in the industry. This is through their Continuing Education Program. The easiest way to gain your IICRC Continuing Education Credits is to attend a course with TESA Directive. You can also gain credits by attending industry trade shows and by attending recognised courses.

  2. Ensure you renew your certification annually. You will receive an email from IICRC each year that will give you all of the information to renew your certification. 

  3. You will receive a Certificate and Certification Card once your IICRC certification is renewed.

What do you do if you are unsure if your IICRC Certification is up to date?

If you are unsure if your IICRC Certification is up to date, contact the IICRC Australian Office based in Sydney. Contact them on 1300 307 751 or email them.

How does the relationship work between IICRC and TESA Directive?

IICRC does not run training courses. IICRC simply sets the curriculum and the certification exams. They then approve IICRC Approved Schools and IICRC Approved Instructors. 

TESA Directive is proud to be an IICRC Approved School.