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TESA Directive aims to bring a positive education experience to the industry. We understand that everyone has different needs. TESA Directive has a flexible approach to ensure your learning needs are met. 

We offer a plenitude of course options and tailored training programs.

IICRC Training Courses 

  1. Publicly Scheduled Courses - Book in one or two people into a course, or small groups of people

  2. Private Courses - If you have a group of staff, contractors or customers you would like to have trained, TESA Directive is able to schedule courses to meet your needs. CLICK HERE to read more about scheduling a private course with TESA Directive. 

TESA Directive Courses

TESA Directive recognise that IICRC Courses give a great foundation for education in many area. However, there are areas of interest in the industry that do not have any certification program or need further education to help individuals reach a higher level of skill. TESA Directive Courses are constantly being developed to meet changing needs within the industry. 

Customisable Training Programs

TESA Directive is able to customise almost any training for your needs. Whether this is to train one individual on the job, provide a specialist for a staff toolbox meeting, develop a customised training solution unique to your business needs or online training solutions. TESA Directive thrive on bringing customised training solutions to meet your specific business needs.

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