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And the 2018 course get started!

2018 has started off with a bang, with TESA Directive running the first IICRC Carpet Cleaning Course for the year. 


A group of 8 eager students attended the course. The TESA Directive Carpet Cleaning Course is an extremely comprehensive courses ensuring everyone who leaves the course is able to deliver high end carpet cleaning services. 


Felix Krivitsky has been teaching IICRC courses since 1990. Felix has a passion for carpet cleaning and thrives on sharing his love of science with the students he teaches. "It is one thing for students to be able to perform skills in the classroom, but it is something entirely different to teach students to problem solve so that they can continue making money from the skills that they learn." 


Students coming to the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Course come from different backgrounds. Some students have no experience in carpet cleaning at all, and either have a cleaning business that they would like to expand into professional carpet cleaning services; then there are people who are exploring the idea of starting a carpet cleaning business and are using this as a way to gain confidence in their decision making; there are individuals who have purchased a carpet cleaning franchise and want to be able to deliver a higher quality service than they have already been taught to deliver; then there are people who have been running a carpet cleaning business for quite some time and quite frustrated with competing on price, while also wanting to gain additional skills in areas such as stain removal.


Due to the comprehensive nature of this IICRC Carpet Cleaning Course, we are able to meet all of these needs.


Becoming a specialist in a field is not something that can be achieved in a 4 or 5 day course. This course gives attendees a great understanding of the science of cleaning. Understanding the science of cleaning gives people a massive advantage in the carpet cleaning industry. Being able to understand why a customer is experiencing issues and working out a logical process to solve the problems is a brilliant way to develop credibility and be seen as an expert. The IICRC Carpet Cleaning Course is the foundation of this process. Attendees can then make a decision about which subject area they want to specialise in and develop further skills in. 


After completing the IICRC Carpet Cleaning course many people choice to become stain removal experts. This course sets the foundation for this, and certainly gives individuals the core skills for this pathway. However, there is a lot more learning and skill development that needs to take place before you become a true stain specialist who has a broad range of skills to approach all stains. 


We look forward to seeing many of these students come back to explore further education to develop their businesses and expertise. 






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