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Sending some Valentine's Day love to our customers

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, it is hard not to see the consumer culture of Valentine's Day all over the internet and throughout the shops on Valentine's Day. You take one look at Google and you see Valentine's Day shining through. Today, we want to share a very simple message with you - do you love what you do?

At TESA Directive we absolutely love what we do! We hope that when you deal with anyone within the TESA team you can instantly feel the passion that we have for the work that we do. Whether you are dealing with a TESA Directive Trainer, or our Ambassador's of Buzz we all love what we do and want to ensure that you succeed in what you do.


We believe that being passionate about what you do, is a key ingredient in any company's success. Whether you run a carpet cleaning business, a restoration business or something more specialised, we spend way too much time at work to not love what it is you do every day. Now of course there are plenty of people who have parts of their work that they find stressful or really don't like. But on the whole, life is way too short to spend it doing something you are not passionate about. For everyone, something different motivates them and makes them excited about life. What is that excites you?


What are you passionate about? 


Helping customers live in a clean environment

Helping customers return to a safe environment after a catastrophic event

Helping customers who have allergies breath better in their house

Ensuring that everyone you deal with lives in a contamination free environment

Making money to support other hobbies

Building a successful business


We would love to hear from you and find out why you do what you do. 






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