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Leather Repairs and Recolouring Technician

This course gives you a thorough understanding of of repairing and recolouring leather products. Walk out with the confidence to deliver this highly specialised work.

The Leather Repair and Recolouring Course is an extremely hands on course where students learn and practice different leather repairs. Course attendees learn to deliver repair and recolouring skills at an extremely high level so that they can immediately leave the course and start providing services to customers.


Course attendees will learn to:

  • deal with small rips and tears in leather products

  • re-colour leather products that are sun faded

  • refresh leather items that look old and need a new lease on life

  • remove stains from leather



Come to this course to learn, watch and do! Bring leather items which you would like to practice on. This is an incredibly hands on course with very little time spent in the classroom so with the large practical element to this course - get ready to get your hands dirty!

To view the dates that TESA Directive will be running this course please check the 2019 Academic Calendar.